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Meet Buster

No mosquito (or tick!) is a match for him. He knows their clever hiding spots and their weaknesses. Once Buster has been to your yard, you're going to spend a lot less time hiding in your kitchen, and a whole lot more out at the grill.

Why's that? Because whether Buster has to come every three weeks or every two, he won't stop until he's helped you to truly love your yard again!


Ready to tell the mosquitoes in your yard to buzz off?

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About Tom

Of course, the real man behind the Mosquito Busters curtain is Tom Drapeau, Associated Certified Entomologist. His scientific knowledge of insects and passion for quality living come together to help families and businesses in Massachusetts and New Hampshire go comfortably about daily life without constant pest problems.

Tom has developed tried-and-true methods of mosquito and tick control in both traditional and natural treatment form. Treatments tend to be more affordable than most customers expect, and both types are effective for discouraging pests from reproducing on land that would otherwise tempt them to build generations of families.

Tom may not be the one to come to your property to inspect it and eliminate pests, but each member of his team is thoroughly trained and equipped to handle your specific need. Get a quote for your land by filling out the form at the bottom of this page!

About Freedom Pest Control

Before Mosquito Busters, Tom first founded Freedom Pest Control in Topsfield, Massachusetts. Freedom Pest still has an unparalleled customer satisfaction rate for pest control in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and the company deals with such critters as bed bugs, bees, ants, racoons, skunks, wasps, squirrels, rats, termites, and more.

When there seemed to be a special need for mosquito and tick control in New England (no surprise there!), Tom created a distinct company for these pests. Mosquito Busters has specialized technicians to deal with these particular buggers, and they go above and beyond to help you love your yard again! 

Called... for a 2nd opinion after a competitor told me I had termites and treatment would be $3300. Dave inspected and found a small bit of dry rot. Not termites at all. Was either being scammed or dealing with unknowlegable people. Freedom Pest saved me thousands. Couldn't be more impressed.

Nancy, satisfied customer

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Mosquito Myth, Busted!
Unlike moths, mosquitos are not attracted to light, so bright "bug zappers" are not effective for discouraging these pests. Better to use a fan - mosquitoes don't like flying in the wind!

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Learn more about the different kinds of mosquito and tick treatment are available from Mosquito Busters.

Mosquitoes bite, they keep you awake, and sometimes they carry disease. Learn more about getting these no-good pests off your property.

Ticks are scary because they are stealthy and silent. But all our Busters know how to find them... and how to send them packing!

Want a treatment that's safe for your kids and pets, who might be closer to the ground? Think about getting natural treatments!

Good Buzz


I've been using Freedom Pest for about 5 months now... All technicians show up on time or are early, are courteous, explain everything, and go the extra mile. Definitely ask for Tom when having your first inspection. His years of experience and analysis really went above and beyond to clearly identify the problem. Moises is the man, and Norma makes sure everything runs smoothly. I've had a great experience using Freedom Pest to eliminate my pest problems.