New Year, New Office!


If you follow us on Facebook (and now Instagram!), you may have heard that we are getting ready to move into a brand new office space in Merrimac, MA! We have loved our little space in Topsfield, MA over the past twenty-five years but as business has grown, so has our staff, and our needs. We’re pleased to announce that our new location will be open as very soon! Stop by to say and hi and to check out our state-of-the-art facilities! 

In addition to requiring more space for our growing company (and for that, we have YOU to thank!), our primary reason for moving was to be able to provide our technicians with the best training in the business. Our new location will allow us to offer continuing education, support, and guidance to our technicians, staff, and colleagues. We’ve installed a classroom with state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment, a mock bedroom to help refresh seasoned technicians and train new technicians on our bed bug eradication techniques, as well as a mock residential kitchen to provide training on common insects like ants, cockroaches, and mice. That’s not all! We will also have a mock commercial kitchen set up specifically for training our technicians on what to look for in restaurants and food processing plants. Finally, our new facility also has a fantastic outdoor area to teach and practice treating against mosquitoes and ticks.  

No matter our location, Mosquito Busters is the leader in tick and mosquito control in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We have developed tried-and-true methods of mosquito and tick control in both traditional and natural treatment form. Treatments tend to be more affordable than most customers expect, and both types are effective for discouraging pests from reproducing on land that would otherwise tempt them to build generations of families.

Call Mosquito Busters at 877-486-9792 and visit our website or more information on how we can help!