April Showers Bring May Flowers…AND MORE MOSQUITOES!

Mosquitoes populations boom in years with rainy springs and hot (even dry) summers, and 2019 is showing to have both. April recorded the most number of rain days in any month since 1872, and this year will likely be one of the hottest on record, if trends of the past five are any sign. 

 Bad news for us, and good news for the 51 mosquito species in Massachusetts and 47 in New Hampshire. A dozen of them are known to carry viruses (some deadly), and ALL are annoying and itchy nuisances. 

Their life cycles and activity vary from about mid-April until possibly mid-November, or when nighttime temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees. That makes each month a mosquito battle, requiring multiple treatments throughout the season. But here are three things you can do to win the war:

“Turn and Toss”
Look for and eliminate any collection of standing water of around your property—even small containers, puddles and gutters (especially those close to windows). A single female needs only one bloodmeal and one inch of water to produce 200 eggs—and then she goes off for another meal and more eggs.   

Call in the Professionals
Even if you’ve drained all the water, mosquitoes will still come on to your property in the hot summer months when adult activity is highest. A quick search will turn up many do-it-yourself suggestions, but none are as effective as consistent professional expertise. Our highly-trained Mosquito Buster team will identify your risks of infestation, educate you on how to discourage them between treatments, and apply the treatment that is best for your yard (we offer both traditional and natural control methods).

Get Ready to Party
Summer is the perfect time for backyard barbeques, graduation and birthday parties, and wedding receptions. Mosquitoes never make the guest list, but gather a group of people and they’ll show up anyway. So it’s always a good idea to schedule a treatment one to two days before your big event, no matter if you are on a regular treatment plan or just looking for a one-time service. 

Lower Your Risk of Mosquito Borne Diseases


It’s spring time which means that it won’t be long before we start seeing mosquitoes out and about. As we mentioned before, once the weather warms those mosquito eggs that have been laying dormant in the soil all winter will begin hatching. And, since we know that mosquitoes can transmit a variety of unpleasant diseases, preventing them from coming into your home and residing in your yard is imperative. 

Follow these steps to protect yourself and your family against being bitten this spring and summer: 

1.     Make sure your window and door screens are free of tears and holes and are securely attached. 

2.     Whenever possible, use air conditioning rather than opening windows. 

3.     Mosquitoes lay eggs in still water. Remove any standing water in or around your yard that may have collected during the winter. 

 4.     Remove leaves from gutters and spouts and check them frequently. 

5.     Tightly cover up water storage containers or barrels that are kept outdoors. 

6.   When spending extended periods of time outdoors, consider wearing long sleeves, pants, and socks. 

7.     Use an insect repellent during peak mosquito biting times. 

8.     Cover your stroller when taking walks with little ones. 

9.    Finally, contact a professional to protect your yard against mosquitoes. Contact Mosquito Busters at 877-628-7837 for a quick quote!