Commercial Pest Treatments

School playgrounds, dog parks, restaurant patios, recreational trails—there are many more places than the backyard where our loved ones may encounter mosquitos, ticks, and other icky pests.

That's why Mosquito Busters offers treatments to commercial spaces, too! Public spaces and small businesses alike can circumvent all sorts of negative repercussions by using traditional or organic treatments to keep bugs* away: 

  • Negative reviews online

  • Losing business to competition over atmosphere issues

  • Customer complaints

  • Negative legal action for exposure to disease-carrying pests

We've had very satisfied customers on both the traditional and natural treatment routes. If you want to keep happy visitors, customers, sponsors, and others coming to your space, consider which option may be right for you based on the information below.

Keep mosquitoes off your restaurant patio, park trails, campsites, and more!

Natural Mosquito and Tick Treatments

Natural treatments are excellent for businesses that want to maintain a green reputation. Our Busters will visit every 2 weeks to re-treat the area with a safe treatment that eliminates current mosquitoes or ticks and discourages new ones from re-populating.

Because these Essentria IC3 treatments are organic-compliant and use several natural ingredients, their effects are not as long-lasting as traditional treatments (for which we visit every 3 weeks). However, they also smell botanical instead of chemical. (The scent fades after just a few hours if you're worried about odor.)

Learn more about natural treatments here. Prefer to talk to one of our reps, or ready to take the plunge? Fill out the form below!

Mosquito control for Massachusetts and New Hampshire | Mosquito Busters!

Traditional Mosquito and Tick Treatments

Traditional treatments are very popular, and require visits from the Mosquito Busters team only every 3 weeks. Due to fewer visits and which insecticides are used, this can be a more economic option for larger areas, such as campsites or parks with trails and footpaths that cover a lot of ground. It's also a good choice for areas where people and animals won't be sitting or standing in one place for very long (as they might on playgrounds or outdoors patios).

Learn more about traditional treatments here. Prefer to talk to one of our reps, or ready to take the plunge? Fill out the form below!

*Need treatment for something other than mosquitoes or ticks? Visit the site for our parent company, Freedom Pest Control. Get a quote for mice, skunks, bats, raccoons, ants, woodchucks, and more!

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Buster Tip!

Hosting a gathering? Mow your lawn at least 4 hours before guests arrive. This will discourage mosquitoes from hanging out in your yard!

Other Options

Consider our organic option for areas where people or pets may be spending long periods of time!

Wish you could enjoy a cookout without mosquitoes a-buzzing? Learn about our most popular treatment!

Buster asks the most common Mosquito-Busting questions on the Ask Buster Anything page!


Buster Tip

Work with your neighbors to discourage mosquitoes! If you remove standing water from your property but your neighbors leave their kiddie pool uncovered, you could still suffer the effects of mosquitos breeding there. Let them know you have Busters coming and how they can help BOTH of you live more mosquito free!