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Mosquito Control

When it comes to telling mosquitos to "buzz off," you want the Mosquito Buster Perimeter Barrier Approach!

First, one of our Mosquito Busters will come out to inspect your yard for key breeding areas and resting spaces. This means shrubs, fences, wooded areas, shade, swampy land, the space under any decks, and ornamental plants that offer cool, dark spaces between their leaves.

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Our Buster will also point out places you're collecting water (like garden watering cans, wheelbarrows, and your recycling containers), because they're like hotel pools in the mosquito world!

Then they will apply one of our proven methods of mosquito control (traditional or natural) to create a barrier around your yard, reducing mosquitos' desire to reproduce or hang out on your property. This process will also take care of any existing larva (yuck!) so that new mosquitos don't "hatch" just a few days after treatment!

Finally, standing water will be treated with “BTI”, a bacteria which infects and kills only mosquito larvae and their close relatives, like gnats and black flies. BTI does not harm other kinds of insects, or fish, birds, worms or any mammals, but if you prefer not to use it, we can skip this part.

The bottom line is, our Busters will do a thorough job to identify your risks of infestation, educate you on discouraging this pesky visitors between treatments, and apply the treatment that is best for your yard, so you can love your yard again!

*Pesticides will not completely eliminate the mosquito population on treated property, but will dramatically reduce their numbers. Effective mosquito control requires treatments every 3 weeks.


Every technician that has come into my home has been well informed, helpful, kind, efficient, and answered all of my questions. PS: Norma is the best!

-Cathy, MA

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