Don't see the information you're looking for? Check our "Ask Buster Anything" page  here !

Don't see the information you're looking for? Check our "Ask Buster Anything" page here!

Natural Pest Treatments


Natural treatments are a fantastic option for anyone who wants to maintain a green lifestyle... and steer mosquitoes and ticks away at the same time. 

Why? Because our organic-compliant insecticides are made from natural ingredients that kill or repel mosquitoes and ticks, but are safe for your loved ones!

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Our technician will start each visit by inspecting your yard for specific mosquito breeding areas that can be eliminated. Items like tarps, buckets, toys, and gutters that maybe holding water will be identified as tempting for these insects, and emptied swiftly.

Standing water in your yard will be identified and recommended to be drained. If it cannot be drained, Mosquito Busters will treat it with Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis (or BTI). This natural bacteria only affects the larva of mosquitoes, black flies, and fungus gnats, and is harmless to fish.


Ready to tell the mosquitoes in your yard to buzz off?

After water has been addressed, your Mosquito Buster will treat your yard to kill adult mosquitoes with a product that combines Rosemary Oil, Geraniol 600 and Peppermint Oil. This unique combination also repels potential incoming mosquitoes. Treatments are repeated every 2 weeks.


Mosquito Busters treats for ticks at the same time as we treat for mosquitoes. Our Green Team will inspect and make recommendations based on reducing low hanging and over grown brush. A mowed lawn is a natural barrier for ticks, so we may recommend trimming your grass.

Once the inspections are completed we will treat the remaining brush, leaf piles and other identified areas where ticks like to live and breed. Take advantage of natural mosquito treatments and take care of your tick problem at the same time!

Mosquito Busters use Essentria IC3 for your natural treatments. This is a broad-spectrum EPA FIFRA 25(b) exempt product and is organic-compliant. This means the EPA has determined that certain "minimum risk pesticides" pose little to no risk to human health or the environment and it is a safe insecticide for use around your family and pets, but still very effective. The drawback of natural products is they need to be re-applied every 14 days as opposed to 21 days for traditional products. The good news is your yard has a botanical smell after the treatment which lasts for a few hours.


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