Ticks pose hazards to people and pests. Keep them off your property with Mosquito Busters!

Tick Control

Of all the insect pests that can infest your yard, ticks are possibly the scariest.

The good news is, ticks don't "back-fill" the way mosquitos do. Usually fewer treatments are required to discourage these ugly, disease-carrying bugs from building families on your property.

In order to keep ticks off your land, we at Mosquito Busters will do two primary things:

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First, we will send one of our Mosquito Busters out to your site, where they will identify the non-pesticide methods you can implement immediately to discourage ticks from reproducing in your yard's nature.

Second, we will apply pesticide treatment to the "hot areas" in your yard which are likely to be hiding tick populations. We will repeat the application 1-2 additional times for traditional treatment (natural treatments usually require that we visit once every 3 weeks).

If you're worried you have ticks in your yard, you can help prevent the chances of being bitten before our Mosquito Busters visit by doing the following:

  • When you work outside in a brush or leaf area you run the risk of a tick hitchhiking on your clothes, so as often as you can you should wear long sleeves and pants, preferably ones which are light in color.

  • Tape the pant cuffs tight to your legs to stop ticks from climbing up onto your skin.

  • When you complete the outdoor activities you should remove all clothing and shower.

  • When drying off perform a tick check on all parts of your body.

Ticks can transmit various diseases, including Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. Twenty-four hours after a tick check, stay alert for engorged females, which will burrow into your skin and become harder to remove.

Already bitten by a tick? Don't panic. Follow these instructions for the safest removal.


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- Nick, MA

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Natural treatments are safe for humans and animals, but when dry, repel the pests you don't want in your yard.

If you own a business where your customers see the outside, you might want commercial treatment.

Ask Buster what there is to know about ticks, mosquitos, and how you can love your yard the most.


Buster tip

Mow your lawn to keep mosquitoes away!

Mosquitoes, like many pests, like to hide in dark crevices and brush. When your grass is short, it provides less cover, so mosquitoes have to seek elsewhere to hide.